mEberra Customz pushes to create the best pair of shoes you've ever 
been proud to own. I work solely through commission and only charge for the art work and shipping cost.  I work individually with all my customers to determine what they want, and then I explode my creativity onto each design.

As a Millennium child I graduated in the year 2000 from North Kansas 
City High School,
and I attended school at Penn Valley community 
collage for cartooning and graphic design. Skilled in Comic/Manga 
layout and design, I tend to have a asian inspired style. The arts has always been my main number 1 subject.  Ever since I was a little kid I've always had a passion for drawing.

Growing up, I was never big on running to the shoe stores for the next 
New style in sneakers. I've always loved the classic simple Shell Toes 
or Cortez. In 2oo7 I learned how to take my art designs and sneakers, 
blended both together and created my first pair of customz. Showing 
the whole process online on my YouTube channel. ( )

Keeping a close eye to detail, each custom takes anywhere between 
2days - a few weeks to fully complete. Which consist of Stripping the 
factory finish for paint, Hand painting every detail for that one of a 
kind work, & Coating with a scuff proof/fade proof/water proof matte 
finisher to keep your customz looking Good.

If you have any inspiring ideas you'd like to see come to a reality 
to be commissioned or any questions you'd liked answered, head over to  the "Contact" page and send an email to [email protected]